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FIA now “too ridiculous” to parody

The Internet, Wednesday: Motorsport satire sites across cyberspace have been plunged into turmoil today with the revelation that the new-for-2009 Formula One rule changes announced by the FIA yesterday cannot be made any more ridiculous than they already are.

Too silly: The FIA inaction

Too silly: The FIA inaction

The job of entertaining motorsport fans by parodying serious news stories has become more difficult in the wake of yesterday’s news, which includes the introduction of a “winner-takes-all” points system for the driver’s world championship and a £30m budget cap that will only be applicable to half the teams.

“I’ve been racking my brains all morning and I just can’t come up with anything that’s more completely stupid than this,” the editor of one popular humour site said. “Seriously, I’ve been ringing the FIA for hours now, trying to get Max Mosley to write articles for us. He’s hilarious.”

Another satirist was horrified at the news: “How are we supposed to compete with this? I mean, I’ve had some funny ideas for how F1 could be made more pointless and unfair in the past, but none of them were this crazy.”

Rumours that FIA President Max Mosley was tired of being satirised by the F1 fringe media and decided to descend into shameless self-parody in order to make it impossible for him to be ridiculed any further have not been substantiated, although the explanation is certainly compelling.

There is hope for fans of the motorsports comedy genre, however, with at least one leading figure in the field assuring our sources that there was plenty left in the sport that could still be made fun of: “The FIA may be a no-go area now, but we’re confident that we can extract a few cheap laughs by swearing a lot and publicly insulting Ferrari fans,” the unnecessarily vulgar and unpleasant webmaster said.

It is not yet known how the rest of the motorsports humour and satire world will respond to the news.


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  1. …”we can extract a few cheap laughs by swearing a lot and publicly insulting Ferrari fans,”..

    Was that, by any chance, you, Mr Badger?

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