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Montezemolo banned from Comet

Maranello, Friday: The Ferrari Formula One team have today issued a statement confirming that team boss Luca di Montezemolo has been banned from entering the premises of electrical goods store Comet, after a fresh outburst of rage against a range of household appliances earlier this week.

Smashed: Ferrari boss Montezemolos television

Smashed: Ferrari boss Montezemolo's television

Montezemolo, who is the president of FOTA as well as the head of the Italian squad, reacted badly to the news that the sport’s governing body, the FIA, had rejected his organisation’s proposals for improving the show of Formula One in future, and instead adopted a different set of ideas for this season and beyond.

“He just went mental,” one unfortunate witness observed. “First it was televisions, then the computer, the dishwasher and everything he could get his hands on. All of it was completely smashed. I’m surprised nobody was hurt.”

A frustrating few years for the Ferrari team has meant that Montezemolo has racked up an impressive total of $2.1 million’s worth of smashed electrical appliances – a sum so significant that Ferrari have had to take out extra insurance to cover their equipment in case of an “Act of Luca.”

“It’s almost as much damage as Kimi did to our cars last year,” one Ferrari mechanic wryly observed.

Fearing the damage the Italian could cause, both physically and in terms of their brand, the Comet Group have swiftly announced that Montezemolo is no longer welcome in their stores: “In order to protect our assets, Comet has no choice but to ask Mr. di Montezemolo to refrain from entering any of our premises from now on,” a spokesman said today.

It is not known how often the Ferrari supremo frequents the stores, but it is conceivable that a host of other anti-Luca measures could follow from other companies, also fearful that Montezemolo could take out his anger on them. Sensationalist newspapers in the Italian press have already speculated about triggering what is being dubbed as “Montezemolo’s Revenge.”


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