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New F1 game to feature post-race penalties

Warwick, Wednesday: Developers of the latest set of Formula One video games have today revealed that an element of realism will be added to their newest releases by introducing the concept of post-race penalties into their game.

Codemasters, who won the official FOM contract to produce F1 games in 2008, announced that F1 2009, scheduled for release in October, will feature a revolutionary algorithm in its programming to arbitrarily alter the results of races after they have finished, based on real or ficticious events that occurred during the race.

Real: Codemasters new F1 game

Real: Codemasters' new F1 game

“This is a great step forward in simulating the true F1 experience,” a Codemasters spokesman said. “In our game it will be perfectly possible to finish a race, save your game, return to it hours, days or even weeks later and discover that the results have been changed for no adequately explained reason. This feature will enable F1 2009 to simulate the real world of Formula One with greater realism than ever before.”

Codemasters have assured F1 fans who seek a game as realistic as possible that the program for giving out penalties is not completely random: “If a Ferrari finishes in ninth place, there is a massively increased chance that someone in the top eight will be found mysteriously underweight,” the spokesman continued. “And if you’re driving a McLaren, you’ll be allowed to get away with causing multiple-car pile-ups or illegally being push-started by the marshals, but if you slide off the track by mistake then the stewards will come down on you like a ton of bricks. Very realistic,” he added.

In keeping with the spirit of modern Formula One, the game will also place much more emphasis on off-track action than the actual racing, with an all-new “Courtroom Simulator” set to make arbitrary and inconsistent judgements throughout the game with the intention of causing immense frustration to the player.


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