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McLaren: Raikkonen only gives 100%

Woking, Wednesday: Top officials at the McLaren Formula One team have revealed that one of the reasons for the delay in signing Kimi Raikkonen is because they are concerned about his commitment to the team and the sport.

Ice (cream) Man: McLaren hopeful Kimi Raikkonen

Raikkonen has been tipped to join McLaren in 2010 ever since losing his Ferrari seat to Fernando Alonso, and though rumours have been circulating that talks between the two parties have been progressing, so far we have seen nothing concrete, other than an acknowledgement that the two sides are talking to one another.

However, team principal Martin Whitmarsh exclusively revealed today that ongoing concerns about Raikkonen’s motivation and attitude were cooling McLaren’s interest in him.

“One thing that concerns all of us is that Kimi only ever appears to give 100 per cent when he’s driving his F1 car. Now, four or five years ago we would all have been very happy with that level of determination, but things have moved on since then. Now we’re talking about an absolute minimum of 120% commitment before we can even consider hiring a driver.”

McLaren’s lead driver, ex-world champion Lewis Hamilton, is reported to regularly give in excess of 135% while driving, sometimes reaching as high as 150%.

Whitmarsh was scathing of some current drivers, who have been known to come back from a qualifying lap claiming that they have “given it 110 per cent.” “That’s simply not enough,” he pointed out. “110 per cent these days will get you into Q2, but nowhere further.

“Giving the task your full commitment and then some is all very well, but in today’s ultra-competitive world of F1 there has to be a bit extra.”

When asked whether motivation concerns were behind McLaren’s apparent decision to drop their current second driver Heikki Kovalainen, Whitmarsh’s surprised response was so obvious we’re not even going to repeat it.


8 Responses

  1. I thought McLaren’s maths was better than that? Is this why they slipped to 3rd in the championship this year?

  2. What is this? Spinal Tap? Should he turn it up to 11? How about 12? I regularly give 214% when I blog. Sometimes 263% even.

  3. Ooh look – some comments. I assumed I was the only person who ever read this site. Runoff area rocks !

  4. What does MW mean by “One thing that concerns all of us is that Kimi only ever appears to give 100 per cent when he’s driving his F1 car.”

    To MW: Look, either sign Kimi or don’t. You know he’s good; otherwise, you won’t even bother dragging it this far. Don’t give us this BS. If Lewis gave 150% and was not even a championship contender, then he’s no good.

  5. Marc, please see the section on the top-left of the page marked “Disclaimer.”

  6. If McLaren is assumed to be spending a lot of resources on F1 because they are a for profit corporation and are motivated to sell cars, then drivers that interest us and are on the podium consistently and win races should be considered. What Mclaren apparently doesn’t Get is the part about drivers that interest us……JB and LH not all that interesting, (Yo! to say the least) You are trying to sell cars ..right?
    Marketing 101
    KR is interesting folks – Very Classy and Beautiful Wife -Power Couple -smell the coffee ))) Just trying yo be helpful…

  7. Yay, comments.

    People, be aware that this is a satirical blog with “fake” news!

    Also, great post yet again.

  8. Andy, this was funny. You really did give 120% this time!

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